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The history of Chesapeake Weavers spans more than thirty years. The organization was formed by interested hand weavers under the auspices of the Anne Arundel County Extension Office. Phyllis Hole Bryant, county extension agent, organized the group with a constitution and by-laws as a special interest program. Since that time the group has been a self sustaining guild. The guild is a forum for discussion, promotion, exhibition, collection, appreciation, as well as dispensing expertise in weaving. The guild welcomes new members and interested visitors. Those participating in our programs benefit by learning all facets of weaving.



Meetings are held on the morning of the third Tuesday of each month, September through June, in the greater Annapolis area. Meetings are located at the home of a member, hosted on a rotating basis. Guests are invited to visit before joining. For directions to upcoming meetings, please email to: and allow at least 72 hours for reply. Annual dues are $15. Meetings provide an opportunity for members to share accomplishments, inspiration, knowledge, and fiber resources. In addition to educational programs presented by member volunteers, the guild strives to hire at least one outside speaker each year. Each year the guild organizes a day trip to visit a gallery, exhibition or studio for the purpose of inspiration and education.

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