Check list for MAFA 2019

  • Directions to Millersville University. Click here.
  • Campus map. Click here.
  • Schedule for MAFA’s 2019 United in Fiber conference is here.
  • Activities open to day trippers and the public, click here.
  • Plan your shopping visits, as well as fiber-related activities using the Marketplace map, available here.
  • Workshop locations have been assigned. Click here.
  • Materials and supplies for your workshop: Check student supply lists for your workshop, accessible through the workshop section on the website.
  • Check the latest updates for participants in the Art Exhibit, Fashion Exhibit and Show, and Skein Competition and Exhibit.
  • What to bring, WiFi access, and much more in the Housing and Dining section of the FAQs. Click here.
  • Access the updated conference brochure here to export as a PDF.

Can you help?

As an all-volunteer organization, MAFA relies on conference attendees to help make the event run smoothly. Can you help?

Volunteer at the 2019 Conference

Upcoming Deadlines

  • June 22: Kitchen Towel Exchange. Sign up here
  • June 22: Skein Competition. Sign up here
  • June 22: Spinning Games. Sign up here

Special Requests and Preferences

A survey was sent to all conference attendees and the deadline for submissions has passed. But if you missed it, we will try – but cannot guarantee – to honor late requests until June 10.

  • Elevator access to the 2nd floor dining hall
  • Handicapped parking near workshop locations

Networking Lunches

New this year!  On Friday, we’ll group tables by states, so you cam meet members of your neighboring guilds at the State Guilds Lunch  It’s a great opportunity to talk about sharing visiting instructors, local exhibits and festivals, and co-hosting events.
On Saturday, find tables for guild leaders – Presidents, Treasurers, Program & Workshop Chairs, and Outreach – so you can discuss guild leadership issues with your peers.