What activities are open to the public?

The public is invited to shop and to attend all events in the Marketplace as well as to attend the Open Studio evening. See the conference schedule.

Guild members who can’t attend the full weekend are encouraged to come for the day and, if possible, volunteer to help the vendors or to monitor the exhibits during open hours.

Stay-over option for day trippers

Guild members not taking classes, but who don’t want to drive home after a day of fiber activities may register for Friday and/or Saturday night stays.  See Registration pages for room cost. No meals are included with this package, but they can be purchased individually for cash at the Dining Hall. See prices below.

I’ve registered for a night. Where do I get my key?

Pick up your key at the registration desk in the West Village Dorm, where all conference attendees are staying.

How do I pay for my meals?

You can purchase meals individually at the following cost:


It is an all-you-can-eat cafeteria-style dining hall so unfortunately those who bring their lunch or don’t choose to purchase the meal cannot enter the dining hall.

Note that health regulations prohibit filling reusable vessels at the cafeteria beverage dispensers. However, there are water-bottle filling stations located across the campus for that purpose.

What do I need to bring for my room?

These are empty dorm rooms that are furnished with a blanket, pillow, sheets, and pillowcase and two towels. You may wish to bring an additional blanket and/or an extra-long twin fitted sheet or a sleeping bag since the mattresses are covered in plastic, and the flat sheets provided tend to slip.

Remember to bring soap, shampoo, drinking cups, hair dryers, clothes hangers, and a plastic or paper bag to use as a wastebasket. A small bedside lamp is also recommended. All rooms are non-smoking.

The rooms do NOT have refrigerators or microwaves, but these appliances can be found in the dorm kitchen. If you want snacks to share with your suitemates or guild-mates, you might want to bring those too.

Where do I find out about last-minute schedule changes?

If you give us your cell phone number when you register, we will send you text messages throughout the conference about important events and/or any changes to the schedule. And look for the bulletin board  to leave messages for friends, post notices about equipment for sale, etc.

How will I know where to go for Open Studio?

To optimize your visits, bookmark or print out the key to classroom locations along with the campus map, which will be made available after classroom assignments.