What’s Open Studio all about?

Open Studio takes place on Saturday night and is an opportunity to see what has been happening in the other classes over the weekend. You can chat with the instructors, and get lots of great ideas for workshops for your guilds. In the past, many participants have been able to visit every studio, but as the conference has grown in size, it has become necessary to plan visits more carefully, recognizing that there simply won’t be time to see every single classroom. To optimize your visits, bookmark or print out the campus map, as well as the key to classroom locations, which will be posted once classroom assignments have been made.

Are there places where commuters and day trippers, our guild or special interest group can meet?

Commuters and day trippers will find the commuter lounge located in the SMC Atrium adjacent to the Student Information Desk and convenient to the Marketplace vendors and activities.

In addition, there are meeting rooms on each floor of the dorms that we hope to hold open for meeting spaces. There are also other meeting areas, including the seating areas near each main entrance to the dorm towers; the Club de’Ville in the lower level of the Student Memorial Center (SMC); the SMC Atrium; and the large Galley area.

And of course, there will be areas in the Marketplace for relaxing, chatting and spinning.

How will we know what’s going on when?

You will receive a copy of the latest schedule at registration. If you give us your email address when you register, we will send you email messages throughout the conference about important events and/or any changes to the schedule.

Also, be sure to check the Community Bulletin Board , which will be near the Information Desk in The Marketplace and open during Marketplace hours. Use the Board to leave messages for friends or post notices about equipment for sale, etc. Attendees are welcome to post for sale signs up to 8.5 x 5.5” (half sheet) size. (Note: MAFA assumes no responsibility for these transactions.)

Help! There’s no downtime in the schedule!

There’s lots to do at the conference, so pace yourself. You may not be able to attend every gathering. That’s OK. Save some time for shopping, for sitting and chatting with old friends and new. This year we are adding a few special interest group gatherings. We wouldn’t expect anyone to attend them all!

Are any activities open to the public?

Yes! The public is invited to shop and participate in events in the Marketplace, as well as to attend the Open Studio evening. (Activities open to the public are indicated on the conference schedule, which will be posted when final.)

Guild members who can’t attend the full weekend are encouraged to come for a day-trip and, if possible, volunteer to help the vendors or to monitor the exhibits during open hours.