I have special requirements for housing or food. Will I be able to have these needs met?

The University has been very responsive in handling special requests. Please list any special needs on your registration so we can address them in advance.

How far are the workshop classrooms from the dorms and dining hall?

Some classrooms are a fair distance from dining and dorm so if you are unable to walk more than a few blocks, you may want to consider driving your vehicle. There is ample parking across the street from the dining hall, which is in the Student Memorial Center where the Marketplace and other activities will be located, as well as near the dorm. (An overview of the campus is available here.)

If you are driving between classes, dorms, and the dining hall, please consider offering rides to your instructor and classmates. They will be grateful!

Can I bring a bike?

Yes, you may bring a bike if you wish. There are many bike racks around campus.