There are numerous ways you can participate and assist in the conference, as you can see from the list on our website. On the registration form, you will see a list of jobs from which you can choose. An electronic sign-up sheet will be sent in May 2019 to those who expressed interest in volunteering so you can select the time slots that are convenient for you.

Even if you are not sure when you register what you want to do to help, if you volunteer to “do whatever is needed,” you’ll get the sign-up request in May and can see if any of the jobs appeal to you then.


How do I know if my guild is a MAFA member?

Visit the guilds page and see if your guild is listed as a member. In addition, the registration form will provide you a list of guilds. If your guild is not on this list, it is not a member.

My guild belongs to MAFA. What are the benefits to me?

Members of a MAFA-affiliated guild pay $30 less and can register for the conference one month earlier than non-members. In addition, they may apply for fellowships.

My guild is not a member. How do we join?

Joining MAFA is simple. Just fill out the application on the MAFA website here. Send any questions to our Membership Chair at membership@mafafiber.org

My guild is not a MAFA member guild. Can I join MAFA as an associate member to be eligible to register during early registration and get the $30 discount?

Yes, you may join MAFA as an associate member. Associate member dues are $40. The application can be found here.