Artist Exhibit

How does this exhibit differ from the Fashion Exhibit?

This exhibit, which will debut in 2019, is open to fiber artists working in any fiber media and not restricted to garments and accessories.  Entries can express an event, story, message, conversation through the use of fibers. This is not restricted to a literal interpretation; an abstract approach may be leveraged.

Where can I find the exhibit rules?

Click here for exhibit guidelines.

Fashion Exhibit and Show

What’s the difference between the Fashion Exhibit and Fashion Show?

  • The Fashion Exhibit will be an exhibit of all garments and accessories submitted by conference attendees and will enable conference participants to study the works up close all day Friday and Saturday of the conference. Full details and a link to the submission form can be found here.
  • The Fashion Show will be a short runway event on Opening Night and will feature representative works from all items submitted to the Fashion Exhibit.

Will any of the Fashion Exhibit garments be for sale?

Neither the Fashion Show nor the Fashion Exhibit will be geared to sales. However, interested attendees are encouraged to contact the artist directly.

Will conference attendees be able to touch the pieces in the Fashion Exhibit?

We know that fiber artists like to use their hands as well as their eyes when they study a piece on exhibit. To permit attendees to touch the textiles with no risk to the works, we encourage submitters to provide a sample of the material that can be displayed prominently with the submission. Sample should be a maximum of 6” x 6” in size.

Can instructors submit wearables to the Fashion Exhibit?

This exhibit is intended for workshop participants, not instructors.  Conference participants will have the opportunity to view many instructor-made items during the Saturday evening Open Studio event.

What if I will be unable to pick up my garment at the scheduled time? Will someone else be allowed to pick up my garments?

Entrants unable to pick up their entries must make arrangements for pickup by a designated person and provide that person’s name to the Fashion Show contact when the item is delivered to the Fashion Exhibit.

Can I enter a piece that uses a commercial sewing pattern with a handwoven fabric?

Absolutely. Our reference to “commercially produced materials or patterns” refers to things like commercial fabrics or published weaving projects, not to sewing patterns.

Find out more about the Fashion Exhibit here.

Kitchen Towel Exchange

What is a towel exchange?

A towel exchange is a fun event in which each participant weaves a towel, brings it to the conference where it will be exhibited, and takes home a towel woven by another member of the exchange group to brighten their kitchen!

I have a rigid heddle loom. Can I still participate?

This exchange is open to weavers at all levels and with any type of looms.

How do I join the towel exchange?

Join the exchange when it opens for enrollment. In the meantime, check out exchange guidelines here.

Skein Competition and Exhibit

This competition and exhibit, which is being introduced at the MAFA 2019 conference, will showcase spinners’ skills and is open to all conference attendees. Full details and a link to the submission form here.