Here are our confirmed vendors for MAFA2019

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A Touch of Twist

A-Touch-of-Twist - a_touch_of_twist.jpg
Susan Cooper & Stephen Ableman
Pattersonville, N.Y.
Yarn, roving, weaving, felting, spinning tools and equipment.

Allen B. Carr, Works in Wood

Allen B. Carr

Palm Harbor, Fla.
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Wood-turned weaving, spinning, and knitting tools.

Bauer Family Farm

Bauer - 1111170811a.jpg
Bauer Family Farm
Dauphin, Pa.
Hand dyed yarn and roving, wooden spinning and weaving tools.

Bobbin Boy

Bobbin-Boy - Bobbin_boyjpg.jpg
Alan and Milissa Dewey
Asheville, N.C.
Bobbin Boy Website
Textile tool restoration, demonstrations, consultations, and repairs. Free spinning wheel repairs for on-site repairs.


ButtonBabes - Button_Babes.jpg
Jennifer and Sharon Lackovic
Downington, Pa.
Buttons, buckles, and trim.

Claudia Hand Painted Yarns

Claudia - claudia_yarn.jpg
Claudia McClean
Harrisonburg, Va.
Hand-dyed yarn for weaving and knitting.

Crabapple Yarn

Crabapple-Yarn - crabapple_yarn.jpg
Amanda Byrd
East Earl, Pa.
Hand-dyed luxury yarn.

Flannel Cakes Fiber

Flannel-Cakes - IMG_6614.jpg
Tonya Caudle
Powhatan, Va.
Yarn, roving, spinning equipment and supplies.

Fluffy U Fiber Farm

Fluffy-U - Fluffy_U_fiber.jpg
Katrina Updike
Dover, Pa.
Yarn, roving, equipment, books.

Galiana Creations

Galiana - Galiana-Creations-Intro.jpg
Gaby and Greg Weinfurter
Dallastown, Pa.
Hand dyed yarn, project bags, stitch markers, earring and more.

HanDen Studios – SAORI Weaving

HanDen-Saori - SX60.jpg
Denise Prince
Peachtree City, Ga.
SAORI looms, equipment, yarn and books.


HIpStrings - hipstrings.jpg
Jill Duarte
Allison Park, Pa.
Yarn, roving, weaving and spinning tools and equipment.

Leicester Longwool Co.

Leicester-Longwool - Maisy-fleece-handpainted-locks-007.jpg
Donna Walton-Gibbs
Lancaster, Pa.
Local Leicester Longwool fleece, locks, roving, and yarn. Needle-felting kits and sculptures.

LoftyFiber / TempoTreadle

Lofty-Fiber - JaneWithTT.jpg
Dawne Wimbrow
Easley, S.C.
Automated treadle tracking for traditional looms.

Mary Waite, Weaver & Dyer

Mary-Waite - mary_waite_weaves.jpg
Mary Waite
Leesburg, Fla.
Hand-dyed, pre-wound weaving warps, hand-dyed skeins, handmade buttons, scarf pins.

Mayan Hands

Mayan-Hands - Mayan-Hands-display-sales.jpg
Diane Yoder
Albany, N.Y.
Fair trade and handmade baskets, felted wool animals, and handwoven textiles.

Nistock Farms

Nistock-Farm - DSC_1396.jpg
Robin Nistock
Prattsburg, N.Y.
Cotswold fleeces, roving and yarn, fiber tools, and wool quilt batting.

Red Stone Glen Fiber Arts Center

Red-Stone-Glen - red_stone_glen.jpg
Sara Knisley Bixler
York Haven, Pa.
Books, yarn, roving, weaving, felting and spinning tools and equipment.

Schiffer Publishing

Schiffer - schiffer_books.jpg
Jamie Elfrank
Atglen, Pa.
Fine craft, weaving, textile art, and fiber books.

Séguin Looms

Seguin-Looms - mafa_SeguinLooms-223x300.png
Denis Séguin
St-Jerome, Quebec, Canada
Motorized and computer-assisted weaving looms.

Serendipity Farm’s Studio

Serendipity - serendipity_farm.jpg
Mary & Gary Scott
Leesburg, Fla.
Books, yarn, roving, weaving, felting and spinning tools and equipment.

Sheepish Creations

Sheepish-Creations - sheepish_creations.jpg
Pam Bates
Huntersville, N.C.
Fair trade yarn, undyed yarn, dyes, and shawl pins.

Shepherd’s Woodworking

Shepherds-Woodworking - shepards_woodworking.jpg
David Shepherd
North Fairfield, Ohio
Hand-crafted fiber tools.

Solitude Wool

Gretchen Frederick
Round Hill, Va.
Small-batch, breed-specific wool yarns and roving.

Spinaway Farm

Spinaway-Farm - spinaway_farm.jpg
Brice Wonders
Kirkwood, Pa.
Handspun yarn, hand-dyed roving & top, coned yarn.

Tempting Ewe Yarns

Tempting-Ewe - tempting_ewe.jpg
Wae Wang & Amanda Ko
Catonsville, Md.
Hand-dyed yarns and fibers in unique colorways.

Twisted Wool

Twisted-Wool - Twisted_wool.jpg
Lynda DeLallo
Marietta, N.Y.
Yarn, spinning & weaving equipment, wearables and hats.

Twisted Yarn and Fiber Bags

Twisted-Yarn-Fiber-Bags - twisted_yarn.jpg
Wanda Zaharfy
Rockville, Va.
Project bags and totes, needle holders, accessories for fiber arts.