These games are purely for fun–but they require spinning expertise, too!

Six sets of competitors, to be chosen via lottery by June 10, 2019, will gather in our Marketplace to test their spinning skills in short spurts by spinning blindfolded, wearing gloves, using unusual ‘fibers,’ or working in teams.

For each Silly Spinning Game, the winner(s) will be judged by spinning the longest yarn in 5 minutes:

  • With bare hands/eyes open
  • Spinning with cotton gloves
  • Spinning with rubber dishwashing gloves
  • Spinning tinsel
  • Criss-Cross spinning in teams (each treadling her own wheel while drafting into other orifice)
  • Spinning blindfolded

To try YOUR luck, please sign up by midnight, June 1, 2019.  Questions?  Contact

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