Rules for entry

  • Entries are free and exclusive to 2019 MAFA Conference attendees.
  • All work must be the creation of the entrant, clean and odor-free and completed within the past two years.
  • There are no restrictions on the number of items you may enter in any class.

Skein submission guidelines

  • All skeins should weigh 2 ounces minimum (or, if finer than 20 wpi, contain at least 40 yards), and be neatly wound to a circumference of 1.5 to 2 yards, with both ends of the skein tied together.
  • Skeins should be secured in at least three places (preferably four), using yarn that matches the skein (preferably figure-8 ties), and washed to set the twist.


ClassCompetition Category
ASingles yarn (i.e., unplied but finished for end use)
B2-ply yarn
CAny other multi-ply yarn
D100% spindle-spun yarn (including plying): drop spindle, supported spindle, Navajo spindle, charkha, great wheel, or other quill wheel
ENovelty yarn
FYarn dyed by the Entrant (using natural or chemical dyestuffs)
GNon-wool skeins (may be animal or non-animal fibers)
HYarn spun by a Novice (less than one year spinning)

Note: Classes may be further subdivided at the judges’ discretion.

Entry guidelines

  • Each skein entered must have attached two (2) 3”x5” index cards.
Card No. 1: Top cardInformation required
1. Class of entry
2. Fiber content (specify “unknown” if applicable)
3. Intended end use, if known
4. Fiber prep performed by entrant (combing, carding, dyeing, etc.)
5. Grist (i.e., wraps per inch)
Note whether skein is spindle-spun, and type of spindle, if applicable
Note whether spun by a Novice (if spinning less than one year)
Card No. 2, stapled beneath Card no.1 (Information not visible)Entrant's name, address, telephone number and email address
  • All submissions must be entered on an Entry Inventory Form. You may submit more than one Entry Inventory Form, if needed, to accommodate all entries. Retain copies for your records. You can download it here or fill it out at the Competition Intake desk on June 27, 2019.


  • Judging criteria for skeins will include: overall appearance (draft control, appropriate grist for fiber, finishing); singles (integrity, uniformity, appropriate twist); plying (consistency, balance); dyeing/blending; and appropriate presentation.
  • Ribbons will be awarded for first through third place in each category, at the discretion of the judges. Judges are not required to award ribbons if, in their opinions, the entries are not of appropriate quality.
  • Judges reserve the right to shift entries to more appropriate classes without penalty to the entrant, and to combine or divide classes at will. Judges’ decisions are final.


All entries will be displayed uncovered but supervised by volunteers during Marketplace hours. MAFA will make every effort to secure and supervise entered pieces, but assumes no responsibility for damage or loss.  It is the responsibility of the entrant to insure entries, if so desired.

Entries will be available for pickup at designated times. Early pickups are not permitted.

  • Items will be released only to the entrant, or to a third party designated by the entrant on the Entry Inventory Form.
  • Items may also be returned by US mail or UPS only when accompanied by a prepaid, addressed packaging is provided at the time of entry. MAFA will not pay any fees associated with returning items to their owners. Unclaimed items become the property of MAFA.

Questions may be directed to