Gather your friends or play solo, and test your fiber trivia knowledge at Trivia Night, Friday June 23, at 7:30 p.m. EDT

Open to in-person and virtual participants!

Host Jen Weber (a MAFA Instructor) will guide us as we wind our way through twenty fun fiber-y facts, ranging from fairly straight forward to totally twisted and warped! In this action-packed event, each team will score points for correct answers, and the top scoring teams will win great prizes. This event is included with the MAFA Conference Pass, and everyone is welcome to join us and play along as our twenty teams compete to see whose brains contain the most trivial of fiber knowledge.

We would like to thank these vendors who have generously donated prizes: Bosworth Spindles, Darn Good Yarn, Heddlecraft, Mary Waite Weaves, Lunatic Fringe Yarn, Neal the Weaver and Sketch Looms.

Pick your teammates (and a clever team name) and sign up!

Entries for 2023 Trivia Night will close June 15, 2021

Trivia Night Format:

  • There will be 20 questions total during the hour-long event. The questions will cover a wide array of fiber arts topics, and will range in difficulty from easy to completely obscure. (This is TRIVIA after all!)
  • At least 10 minutes prior to the event starting, team members should log into the Evening Drop-in and Trivia Night session.
  • The designated team leader will rename themselves with their team name.
  • Everyone will have their audio MUTED to keep things fair. (Teammates must use another way to communicate with each other!) (See below)
  • Questions will be shown in a slide show format by the host. The host will read the question and start a timer. When 30 seconds remain, the host will announce a time warning. The host will count down the final seconds as well. After the time is called, no more answers for that question will be accepted.
  • The team leader is responsible for typing the team’s answer into Chat directly to the moderator so no one will see anyone else’s answers. No other team members should type in answers. As the answers come in, the moderator will determine correctness and keep track of the total score for each team. If needed, the moderator and the host will consult to determine if an answer is correct.
  • If there is a question, the team leader should type it in the Chat, and the moderator will answer it aloud if needed. Please keep the Chat as clear as possible, and only ask questions if you really need to.
  • Once time is called for the question, the correct answer will be revealed before moving on to the next question.
  • There will be a short intermission after the 10th question. (If possible, top scores may be announced.)
  • If needed, tie-breaking questions will follow at the end for any teams that are in prize contention.
  • The winners will be announced at the end of the hour.

Trivia Night Rules:

  • No checking online or physical references for answers. The answers should come from YOU!
  • Individuals or teams can compete. Teams are limited to 4 people working together. Communication among team members is not included during the event. Team members are encouraged to ensure they have a way to talk during the event. Multi-way phone calls or other online audio programs such as Discord are suggested. (Discord is a free application. For more information click here.)
  • One person will register as the team leader.& This is the person who will be responsible for entering the team answers during the event. (If an individual is competing alone, they are by default the team leader.) The team leader will also provide the names of their team members during registration. All participants playing MUST be registered for the conference.
  • Teams are encouraged (but not required) to adopt fun names. Express your interests or personality, but please nothing inappropriate! (Examples: “The Fuzzy Bunnies”, “Spin-a-holics”, “Maryland Maniacs”, etc…)
  • Points are awarded for correct answers. Whether a submitted answer is considered correct is up to the host of the event.  Some leeway will be allowed whenever possible, but no bickering please. (This is meant to be fun!). If correct spelling is required, that will be announced with the question, but otherwise it is not necessary.
  • Prizes will be awarded for top scoring teams. It is up to team members how to share or distribute the prizes among themselves.
  • In the event of a tie for top placement, there will be additional questions to break the tie.
  • Only one answer per question, please. If multiple answers are submitted, only the first will be considered.
  • There is room for 20 teams in the competition. If more than that register, teams will be chosen by lottery for a spot in the competition after the registration period ends on June 15th.  (Though everyone is encouraged to play along on their own, even if they aren’t official!)
  • Individuals may only register for a single team.

Questions? Contact the Conference Events Coordinator at

Trivia Night Entry Form