X-Patsy Sue Zawistoski

Do you love “What if…” questions?
In 2020 Patsy Z pivoted and began creating and presenting virtual handspinning Zoom classes for the fall and winter. Her students were impressed with the quality of the close-up camera work as she answered their questions. She is an innovative international teacher and lecturer throughout the USA, New Zealand, Canada, and Sydney, Australia. For more than 30 years, Patsy has created spinning and weaving classes, using her teaching background, to present at large and small conferences. She is also a highly acclaimed instructor on six videos from Victorian Video and Interweave Press. Patsy also writes for various national and international magazines.
With her Master Certificate from the HGA, her classes concentrate on spinning options for fiber and structure. Constantly clarifying and refining her own spinning and teaching techniques, Patsy creates and teaches spinning classes on all natural and manufactured fibers.