(306) Amazing Ice Dyeing on Cellulose Fibers

You’ll be led by an ice dye expert through every part of the process—from preparing your fabric/garments to how to properly wash it at the end—and everything in between. Ice dyeing takes absolutely no experience to get incredible results. You’ll be amazed at the gorgeous, intricate color splits and how very simple patterns get rendered into mind-bogglingly advanced looking results. Great for all cellulose fibers, be they yarn or an old t-shirt or an apron or a pair of white pants. Grab something cotton or linen or rayon (etc.) and get ready to become addicted to ice dye!


X-Jessica Kaufman

Experience Level:

Open to All

Class Length:

Two-hour Class

Class Day/Time:

Friday Morning

Maximum Class Size:


Materials fee:

$21 covers everything needed for ice dyeing including two colors of your choice. Order kits with a class discount after April 10th at www.waxonstudio.com/mafa-kits. Shipping cost is extra.

Student Supplies:

  • Gather item(s) to dye, such as cotton or linen fabric, clothing, household textiles (napkins, towels, pillowcases, etc.).
  • A stain-proof work surface (or plastic sheeting on a table).
  • Ice.
  • Access to cold and hot water for the washout (24+ hours after class).

An Ice Dyeing kit with a class discount will be available after April 10th at www.waxonstudio.com/mafa-kits.