(133) FULL ~ An Introduction to Network Drafting

Network drafting is a method for creating designs with curves. It may not look intuitive; however, there is a method to the madness. In this hands-on seminar, participants will be introduced to step-by-step methods for developing an original network-drafted pattern and how to manipulate it into new and exciting designs. Learn the fundamentals of designing network-drafted patterns and understand what terms like initial, grid, and network mean. Even if you have four shafts, you can weave a network drafted pattern. During this seminar, the topic of reducing pattern lines will be covered. This allows many patterns to be reduced and woven on fewer shafts.


Robyn Spady

Experience Level:


Class Length:

Two-hour Class

Class Day/Time:

Thursday Afternoon

Maximum Class Size:


Student Supplies:

  • Pen or pencil, highlighter.
  • Network drafting worksheets will be emailed to participants before the online seminar or may be downloaded from the Attendee Hub.
  • The ‘handout’ for this class is the March/April 2019 issue of Heddlecraft. Subscribers may already have it. It is not required for the seminar, but  participants who do not already have the issue may choose to purchase it afterward.