(120) Block Twills, Their Many Faces and Color Harmonies

Block twill threadings can become more than twill blocks! Students will weave a reference sampler while exploring the many creative possibilities offered by the combination of block twills and color harmonies.

Weavers will learn to combine and develop new weave structures from the original block twill threading including double weave pocket blocks paired with areas of plain weave or twill. Include color exploration by warping sections with color harmonies (complementary, analogous, triadic, and monochromatic) to create a beautiful sampler–plus color inspiration for future projects. This workshop is a perfect match for those who have recently moved up to the required 8-shaft looms, but there are challenges for advanced weavers as well. It is amazing what a change of tie-up and treadling can do!

Warping instructions will be sent to each participant by the instructor as soon as class lists are available. Students will use their own looms throughout the workshop.


Barbara Diefenderfer

Experience Level:


Maximum Class Size:


Materials fee:

$6 covers class workbook and folder, additional weft threads.

Equipment required

8-shaft Loom, Pre-warped

Student Supplies:

  • Pre-warped 8-shaft loom threaded according to instructions using 10/2 or 8/2 cotton threads in various color harmonies. Either table or floor loom is fine.
  • Bobbins containing each of the warp colors.
  • 2-3 shuttles.
  • Additional colors of thread as desired.
  • Bobbin winder, optional.
  • Note paper and pen or pencil.


Pre-warped 8-shaft loom prepared as directed and ready to begin weaving.