(114) FULL ~ Building a Color Palette for Tapestry. Part 1 of 2

NOTE: This is a 1-day, 2-session class. Often we find choosing and working with color to be one of the most exciting—and challenging—aspects of weaving tapestry. How can we take the inspiration we find in nature, in photographs, in cityscape, in fashion and design or in our emotions—and turn it into a color scheme with big impact? Learn about how to use color values or tones, proportions and harmonies to convey the feeling you have in mind.

This is not a class in abstract color theory but a practical hands-on experience in using color concepts for maximum visual impact. We will focus on design exercises on paper and in yarn. Students may weave color studies and samples as desired.


X-Molly Elkind

Experience Level:


Class Length:

One-day Class

Class Day/Time:

Saturday Morning

Maximum Class Size:


Student Supplies:

  • Color wheel.
  • Photos, clippings, and other color inspirations, colored papers (magazines, wrapping paper, origami or scrapbook papers).
  • Tracing paper.
  • Sketchbook or blank paper.
  • Pencils, black fine-line marker (sharpie), color pencils (optional)
  • Glue stick.
  • Scissors for paper.
  • Ruler
  • Optional weaving supplies: small tapestry loom, warp and weft yarns, your usual tapestry tools.