(505) Classic Hems for Your Machine Knitted Sweater

The classic hems are a great foundation for single bed machine knitting. We’ll begin this class with a discussion of what makes a good hem. Then we’ll immediately jump beyond the plain hem to knit a few of the more complex classics. Strategies for efficient tool use and hem variations will be introduced. Use these hems at the start of a front, back, or sleeve on both full-fashion or cut-and-sew sweater panels.

Any gauge flatbed knitting machine is suitable for these techniques along with the standard machine knitting tools (transfer tools, latch hook, etc.). No ribber is required.


X-Olgalyn Jolly

Experience Level:


Class Length:

Two-hour Class

Class Day/Time:

Sunday Morning

Maximum Class Size:


Student Supplies:

  • Flat bed knitting machine with standard tools
  • 1 cone or cake of yarn (about 3 ounces)
  • Waste yarn (optional)