(107) Collage to Tapestry Cartoon

Cartoon to Tapestry
Collage to Tapestry Cartoon

Discover how collage can generate spontaneous designs for tapestry. Students will respond to various prompts to make quick and fun collages from a variety of papers. They will investigate the importance of contrast and value in good design and discover how to translate a collage’s colors, textures and lines into a weave-able cartoon for tapestry. The use of photographs as aids to design will also be discussed. Students will do hands-on design work and be ready to weave when they return home.


Molly Elkind

Experience Level:

Adventuresome beginner through advanced

Materials fee:

$10 covers handouts and use of instructor's collage supplies.

Student Supplies:

Blank paper or sketchbook (8 1/2 x 11″); colored paper or old magazines in variety of colors, textures and patterns; pad of 8 1/2″ x 11″ tracing paper, scissors for paper, glue stick, graphite pencils, markers and/or colored pencils. Optional: inspiring photograph(s)