(202) Come Ply with Me

2023_Session_Images - Lehrhaupt_Come PlyfinalFrom basic plying to novelty yarns, this course will take you into the world of plying with lots of time for practice and experimentation. We will start with simple two- and three-ply yarns from singles of the same grist and twist. From there we will explore cabled yarn (4-ply) and at least two other novelty yarns.

Students will learn to produce a variety of plied yarns including spiral  and knop yarns and a final challenge of gimp yarn. And they will see what a difference good plying can make for their final project.


Judi Lehrhaupt and Nelda Davis

Experience Level:


Maximum Class Size:


Materials fee:

$25 covers handouts, fiber, samples, and class materials.

Equipment required

Spinning Wheel

Student Supplies:

  • Spinning wheel that you are familiar with in good working order.
  • Five usable bobbins (empty and with leader attached).
  • Tensioned lazy kate.
  • Small niddy noddy for samples.
  • Lap cloth (optional).
  • Notebook and pencil.
  • Wheel maintenance kit (could include lubricant, spare drive band, screwdriver, and cloth).
  • Plastic bags for samples.
  • Ties and tags for samples.
  • Knitting needles, crochet hooks to create samples.


Spin three half-bobbins of your “comfort” spun singles.