(119) Creating Space and Manipulating Texture in Freeform Tapestry Weaving

Want to go beyond the standard “under-over” technique on your tapestry weavings? Let’s explore some advanced closed-shed methods of creating space and texture! Lace techniques such as leno, bouquet, and wrapped warp create open spaces that add lightness and mystery to a design. We’ll learn how to add dimension and depth with wrapped and pile weaves, and create subtle textural movement with various twill drafts. This is an intermediate class, and we will cover a wide range of different techniques. Everyone will complete a sampler tapestry to take home.


Anne Choi

Experience Level:

Beginner, Intermediate

Maximum Class Size:


Materials fee:

$25 covers all equipment, tools, and materials, including handspun yarn, hand-dyed roving, wool and mohair locks, eco-printed silk and wool gauze ribbon, linen paper yarn, and more.

Student Supplies:

  • Participants are invited to bring any special fibers or yarn they might like to include in their works.