(123) Design Inlay Rag Rugs and More…

Design Inlay Rag Rugs and More
Design Inlay Rag Rugs and More

Learn to add a unique touch to your rag project – whether it is a rug, wall hanging, table runner, purse, or placemats. The first step is creatively piecing together fabric strips to form a fabric block. The block is then cut into weft strips and woven into a plain weave threading. Using fabric paints, you will paint designs and learn an inlay process to make your project special. Fish, flowers, and butterflies are a few design ideas. No special artistic ability is required, as designs can be copied or traced.


Dianne Totten

Experience Level:

All levels

Materials fee:

$7 covers handout and fabric paints.

Student Supplies:

Loom warped with 8/4 carpet warp – according to workshop preparation information.
Fabric block – according to workshop preparation information.
Cutting mat, small is fine.
Rotary cutter. Straight edge – the type used by quilters.
Fabric scissors.
Small scissors with a good snipping point.
Tape measure or hem gauge.
Sewing needle and thread.
Straight pins.
Glue stick.
Fray Check.
Stick or rag shuttle.
Yarn used for your warp, enough to be used to weave hems.
Usual items needed to repair a broken warp; heddle hook, general weaving supplies.
For painting: a few cheap paint brushes – fine point to a broader edge no wider than 1/3”.
Black Sharpie marker.
Note-taking materials.