(143) FULL ~ Designing at the Loom with Multiple Warp Chains – NO WAITLIST

This presentation focuses on techniques for working with multiple warp chains while designing at the reed. There is huge freedom in sitting at the loom and making well informed decisions as you design and setup. But it can be a nightmare without a plan to keep all your yarn under control. Narrow fabric for a scarf, sash, clerical stole, or guitar strap will be the project that I demonstrate while helping you explore the possibilities of simple, effective use of materials.

I will use three warp chains (two space-dyed warp chains and one solid color chain for background) in a straight draw threading. This will create exciting plain weave, rib, rep, turned taquete, and twill with a single loom setup. These playful techniques require no pre-planning other than having enough threads for the width of fabric you want to create. You will discover a few ideas that wake up creativity in your weaving. Guaranteed. The last 30 mins will be reserved for Q&A.


Kathrin Weber

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Class Length:

Two-hour Class

Class Day/Time:

Thursday Afternoon

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