(203) Downy Fibers and Silk—a Spinning Match Made in Heaven ~ FULL

After paying for that little bag of precious fibers, spinning the expensive, downy undercoat fibers can be intimidating. Now is the time to take control and learn how to add the luxurious touch of various silks through yarn styles that make the most of both types of fiber. Learn which combinations, blends, or yarn styles create the perfect yarn or collection of yarns for a special handmade project. Fibers to be covered include – Cashmere and Pygora from goats, Yak, Angora bunny, N.Z. possum, and camel down, plus a variety of silk including tussah, Bombyx, muga, and sari silk.

Properly tune-up your wheel, improve your carding and preparation techniques, enhance drafting practices, and understand various plying styles. Let’s turn daunting into inspiring ideas and projects.


Patsy Zawistoski

Experience Level:


Maximum Class Size:


Materials fee:

$50 covers sample fibers, yarns, foam boards, puni sticks, booklets, worksheets, yarn tags, hot pot, and tubs for finishing yarns.

Equipment required

Spinning Wheel, Fiber Prep Tools

Student Supplies:

  • A spinning wheel, treadle or e-wheel (scotch brake or double drive recommended), in good working order.
  • Lazy kate and three bobbins.
  • Hand cards, wool cards are fine. Cotton cards, if them.
  • Scissors, pen and paper for note-taking.
  • Yarn tags or single hole punch or tape for attaching sample yarns and fibers.
  • Small hand towel.
  • Spinning wheel maintenance kit: oil, screwdriver, leader cord, extension cord, and other tools, just in case.
  • Optional: Ball winder, small niddy-noddy, 3-ring binder.