(103) Echo and Jin: Playing with Color Chords ~ FULL

For 4 to 16 shafts, this is an on-loom study of the color wheel and theories of color harmony, based on theories of 20th-century artists Johannes Itten and Josef Albers. At least six weeks prior to the workshop, participants will choose from a series of Echo and Jin designs provided by the instructor, with options for 2-end, 3-end, or 4-end parallel threadings. Next, they will choose warp colors based on Itten’s theories of color chords, drawing from his 12-point color wheel. (The instructor will provide the yarn and color choices you have and make these yarns available for purchase well before the workshop.)

During the workshop, sampling will be with different tieups, treadlings, weft yarns, and colors. The focus will be on developing a subjective and objective sense of how to optimize the use of color in personal weaving, particularly in weaving Echo and Jin designs.

Because of the need for tieup and treadling changes during the workshop, table looms are preferable, but floor looms will also work. Compudobby looms are also welcome.


Denise Kovnat

Experience Level:


Maximum Class Size:


Materials fee:

$25 covers printed handouts and accompanying references, drafts, tieups and treadlings; some yarns for color experimentation.

Equipment required

4-shaft Loom, 8-shaft Loom, Pre-warped

Student Supplies:

  • Pre-warped loom.
  • Weft yarns (at least 4-5 different colors).
  • Weaving tools (shuttles, bobbins, scissors, etc.).


Choose designs, gather yarns, and warp the loom.