(106) Eight-Shaft Straight Twill Variations

Do you want to do more varied weaving on 8 shafts? If you are new to 8-shaft weaving or if you want to add more variations to your weaving this is the perfect class for you. Expand the possibilities of 8-shaft straight twill. Learn to weave many variations on a single warp by varying the tie-up and/or the treadling. Create original weave structures. Learn to combine two 4-shaft structures on this warp as well. Add color exploration and enjoy the possibilities.

This is the place to learn to get more variety from a simple warp instead of preparing a new warp, experiencing additional loom waste and using your precious creative time needlessly. Weave more fun into your world by rediscovering straight twill!


Barbara Diefenderfer

Experience Level:


Class Length:

Two-hour Class

Class Day/Time:

Sunday Afternoon

Maximum Class Size: