(506) Evening Bags to Market Bags

Create a bag, purse, or totes any shape or size. You may already have fabric in your stash, handwoven or not, that is suitable for a bag. If not, weave sturdy fabric using yarn or rags.

From elegant to simple and functional, choose from patterns provided, have fun creating your own unique project, or bring a commercial pattern. Using a PowerPoint presentation, you will be guided in every step of the planning and construction of your chosen bag. The first session will focus on planning and creativity. The goal is to use the remaining time to complete your project. Ability to use a sewing machine is necessary.


Dianne Totten

Experience Level:


Maximum Class Size:


Materials fee:

$3 covers handout.

Equipment required

Sewing Machine

Student Supplies:

  • Sewing machine in good working order and an extension cord.
  • Serger (optional).
  • Handwoven (washed and pressed) or commercial fabric. (Can be several pieces to creatively sew together.)
  • Matching sewing thread.
  • Contrasting sewing thread for basting.
  • Lining fabric that coordinates with or complements the fabric.
  • Iron-on interfacing, enough for entire bag.
  • Press cloth.
  • Bag ideas – magazine pictures, sketches.
  • Sewing notions such as straight pins, tape measure, fabric scissors, hem gauge, sewing machine needles for thick fabric, tailors’ chalk or thin piece of soap with sharp edge for marking, etc.
  • Cutting mat and wheel (optional).
  • Iron and small ironing board, if you are driving (optional).
  • Fray Check (please bring this brand name).
  • Closure materials such as zippers, buttons, snaps, magnets, etc. – what you think you would like to use.
  • Embellishments – beads, bling, yarn that was used to weave the fabric or novelty yarn, whatever strikes your fancy.Use your creative imagination.
  • Paper and pen/pencil for note-taking.
  • Camera (optional).


  • Preparation info will be sent to students after registration.
  • Look for purse ideas in magazines, stores, or copy the measurements from a favorite purse.
  • Weave fabric suitable for the style of bag you would like to make. Bring it washed and pressed. (Perhaps you already have some fabric in your stash that is waiting to become something useful.) Commercial fabric is acceptable.