(142) Explore Drafting with Software Using PCW Fiberworks

Are you still doing your weaving drawdowns with a pencil and paper? Then it’s time to trade in your pencil for a computer mouse! Learn to save time and explore many more variables using weaving design software. In this class, the capabilities of PCW Fiberworks will be explored. The various tools will be explained and demonstrated. We will cover the differences between the “Bronze” and “Silver” versions of the software, and both versions will be used. We will explore how to quickly expand a draft using various repeat and mirroring functions, how to add a tabby in one click, how to change color and thickness of threads, how to build name drafts, how to use block substitutions, and even how to use network drafting functions. So get ready to take your designing to the next level and ditch that pencil forever!

Although there is limited time for questions, the lecture will be recorded and available for students to watch again later. Additional materials including the saved example files will be sent out to students for later reference as well.
More information about PCW Fiberworks is available at www.fiberworks-pcw.com/. It is NOT required that students own this software. However it is recommend that they download the trial version of it, and they may choose to familiarize themselves with it briefly before class. The trial versions are limited only in that users cannot print nor save files.

Please note that the class will be using the WINDOWS version of the software. There are slight differences in a few menu labels for the Apple versions, but that will not be covered.

We are grateful to our Class Sponsor:

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Jen Weber

Experience Level:

Open to All

Class Length:

Two-hour Class

Class Day/Time:

Saturday Morning

Maximum Class Size: