(146) Ikat III: Dyeing Ikat

This class, the third of four self-standing beginning ikat instructional sessions, covers the virtuoso of the ikat orchestra, dyeing. Pre-class instructions and a list of home dye studio materials will be provided for dyeing both cellulose and protein fibers, a two-system offering, that includes instruction in making an indigo vat as well as using Procion fiber reactive dyes. I will be going through all of the steps demonstrating two dye systems. The class is paced for students to observe, ask questions, and take notes, not to work alongside the instructor in their home studios. The dyeing of individual ikat warps can be accomplished at your own pace after the Zoom online session.

Although this class is demonstration and Q&A only, I will supply a list of materials and equipment students need to successfully dye at home. However, I must emphasize that purchasing or having access to these supplies is not a requirement for taking the class.


Mary Zicafoose

Experience Level:


Class Length:

Two-hour Class

Class Day/Time:

Saturday Morning

Maximum Class Size: