(517) KINDLE, New Beginnings Basket. Part 1 of 2

NOTE: This is a 1-day, 2-session class. In this basket created specially for online learning, I am excited to put sensational materials in your hands. Prepared willow bark and finely sized yellow cedar lay out a foundation of natural materials that yield softly to classical basketmaking techniques and many techniques will be explored! Once learned, each of these skills could make a whole wonderful basket, but we are going to combine a number of methods and materials and a wide range of stitches with some innovative additions of copper wire and tsumugi silk threads. There will be a choice of border finishes offered and personal objects can be added. Your expression is encouraged once the form is well woven!

The intention is creative learning. The results, individual. Once smitten, you can connect with Judy to purchase more handmade supplies and go on to weave many baskets with your new makers magic!

Judy will remain available to students for a time period of two weeks after class, if there are questions about the border work.


Judy Zugish

Experience Level:

Open to All

Class Length:

One-day Class

Class Day/Time:

Friday Afternoon

Maximum Class Size:


Materials fee:

$95 covers kit with all materials, shipping, and a detailed pattern with pictures to help with instructions. A bit of extra will be in the kits to assure everyone has adequate to replace a few pieces as needed. Additional materials can also be purchased directly. Order from Judy at judyzfishsticks@gmail.com.

Student Supplies:

  • Kit with materials. NOTE the kit is priced at $95 – the brochure incorrectly lists it at $90.
  • Small sharp scissors.
  • Ruler.
  • Packing tool.
  • Small bucket.
  • Disposable paintbrush or spray bottle.
  • Microclips.
  • Old towel.
  • Apron.