(509) FULL ~ Leftovers Again? From Leftovers to Gourmet. Part 1 of 2

Lancaster_LeftoversAgainNOTE: This is a 1-day, 2-session class. Piece together all those handwoven scraps, knitted swatches and leftovers into something wonderful. This technique uses a fusible backing and no seam allowances. Bias tubes cover the butted joints. Use scraps to create a personal composition and push your creativity to the max!

Students will create a mat using this technique. The class is both lecture-style, and then interactive as participants build their own mats. It will be helpful if their cameras can be pointed to what they are working on occasionally.


X-Daryl Lancaster

Experience Level:


Class Length:

One-day Class

Class Day/Time:

Saturday Morning

Maximum Class Size:


Materials fee:

$15 covers shipping a kit including pre-cut Pellon Peltex #71F backing one-sided fusible ultra-firm stabilizer, 20in/50cm wide; one 5/16-3/8in wide duct fastener to be used as a press bar. Order kits from Daryl at theweaver@weaversew.com.

Student Supplies:

  • Sewing machine and basic sewing kit (pins, needles, thread, scissors, seam ripper, seam gauge, tape measure).
  • Fat quarter yard each of three different fabrics, two medium weight coordinating prints or textured fabrics (handwoven fabrics are excellent, bring a scarf or two) and one solid color .fabric. Fabric can be large scraps.
  • ½ yard of 45 inch wide fabric for backing and bias (can be quilt fabric, firm lining fabric, hand-painted silks, light weight rayons or cottons), this fabric should contrast the fabrics from above. ALL FABRICS SHOULD BE PRE-SHRUNK!
  • Rotary cutting board and rotary cutter with new blade.
  • Good dressmaker shears.
  • See-through straight edge with 45º markings.
  • Sewing thread to coordinate with the backing fabric.
  • Pencil, pen, or fabric marker.
  • Basic zig zag sewing machine, with empty bobbins, extra needles-size 90/14, zig zag foot. Have manual available.
  • Iron and ironing board.
  • Pellon’s Peltex #71F, one-sided fusible ultra-firm stabilizer as a backing, 20 inches/50cm wide.
  • One 5/16-3/8 inch wide duct fastener to be used as a press bar. (Basically giant cable ties, these are available at any hardware store, but available in a package of 25-50. Length is not important.)

A kit is available with pre-cut Peltex #71F stabilizer backing, and one 3/8 wide duct fastener to be used as a press bar.