(112) Rigid Heddle Immersion ~ FULL

2023_Session_Images - Hall_krokbragd_2Have you always wanted to learn to weave but were worried about the time and space required? Maybe you have a rigid heddle loom that has been gathering dust and you would like a a refresher on this easy and quick way to weave? Then this rigid heddle weaving class is for you.

This is a step-by-step class suitable for all levels with no weaver left behind. We will learn quick and easy warping, the basics of weaving, making multiple items on one warp including two-color weaving, pattern weaving, incorporating beads into weaving, and how to weave krokbragd on the rigid heddle loom using string heddles.


Constance Hall

Experience Level:

All Levels

Maximum Class Size:


Materials fee:

$25 covers yarn for warp and weft for first project, warp and weft for pattern weaving and krokbragd project warp yarn; dowel and yarn for string heddles and handouts.

Equipment required

Rigid Heddle Loom

Student Supplies:

  • A working rigid heddle loom with an 8 as well as a 10 dent heddle, warping peg, clamps, threading hook, any and all parts for your loom. You may bring a stand.
  • Two pick up sticks 10″ or longer and three stick shuttles. Some pick up sticks and stick shuttles will be available to use. Please contact instructor in advance if you need to borrow pick up sticks or stick shuttles or for any questions.
  • Sticky notes, tape measure, scissors, tapestry needle, pen, and 10 sheets of printer paper.
  • For the Krokbragd project at least three colors of solid color worsted weight yarn, preferably wool. Partial skeins and small balls of leftovers are fine. Yarns may be shared among workshop participants as the more colors the more fun it is.
  • Glasses, if needed, and comfortable shoes.
  • Cookie for the teacher.