(308) FULL ~ Singing the Blues. Part 1 of 2

NOTE: This is a 1-day, 2-session class. This class will focus on working with fresh-leaf Japanese indigo and the myriad of techniques that can be used with it. The morning will start with a brief survey of indigo use in Japan, followed by several how-to projects using fresh, raw, indigo using cold water dye techniques. This will be followed up by an introduction to creating pigment from the fresh leaves and using this pigment to paint directly on silk and also as the basis for reduction vats. Several projects are included.

Most students will probably want to watch carefully during this intensive class session. Recordings will be available after class to those registered so that they may review and follow the directions at their leisure. With this in mind a materials list and other relevant information will be made available once registration opens at http://johnmarshall.to/MAFA.


X-John Marshall

Experience Level:

Open to All

Class Length:

One-day Class

Class Day/Time:

Saturday Morning

Maximum Class Size:


Student Supplies:

  • Protein (silk/wool) and cellulose (cotton/hemp/ramie/linen) fabric on hand.

  • Selection of brushes and pigments as they dive in to projects.

A range of materials may be interchanged and therefore I recommend holding off on extensive purchases until after you have experienced the class. Options to purchase traditional or hard-to-find supplies from John will be made once registration opens.

Optional: Participants will get the most out of this class if they have direct access to fresh Persicaria tinctoria. Help will given with sources a couple of weeks ahead of class for those interested.