(208) Spin The World I

You don’t have to be a spinner, just a fiber fan!

Take a trip around the world, and learn about fibers and materials from all over the globe. Learn how to create unique yarns using traditional fibers plus lesser known possibilities such as reclaimed denim and sari cloth, recycled plastic fiber, flax, nettles, thread, fabric remnants, and more! With a spinning wheel or a spindle, this class offers spinners an opportunity to play and let imaginations run wild. Learn to design batts of amazing color and texture and learn about spinning techniques for the various materials used. Traveling to 33 countries over four 2-hour sessions, we will discover fleeces, fibers, textiles, and histories along the way in rare European sheep breeds, hemp in ancient Japan and colonial America, flax and Egyptian mummies, Turkish kilims, Bedouin embroidery, tropical kapok trees, and more.

In Session I, we will travel to Iceland, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, England, France, Belgium, and The Netherlands.

We are grateful to our Class Sponsor:

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Gigi Matthews

Experience Level:


Class Length:

Two-hour Class

Class Day/Time:

Thursday Morning

Maximum Class Size:


Student Supplies:


  • Spinning wheel or spindle.
  • Blending tool (e.g. hand carders, hackles & diz, or a drum carder).
  • Niddy noddy, ball winder, or lazy kate with multiple bobbins.
  • Scissors.
  • A variety of fleece and fibers from the handout of suggested materials.
  • Details on materials covered in this session and sources are in the Spin the World I handout.