(204) Spin The World!

Take a trip around the world making handspun yarns using fibers and materials from around the globe! Learn how to create unique yarns with ingredients such as kapok, soy, hemp, reclaimed denim and sari cloth, recycled plastic fiber, silk waste, flax, nettles, wood shavings, thread and fabric remnants, and more! With a spinning wheel or a spindle, this workshop offers spinners an opportunity to play and let imaginations run wild.

We will compose batts of amazing color and texture and learn spinning techniques for the various materials used while traveling the world, learning about Himalayan nettles and forests that produce wild tussah silk; flax and Egyptian mummies; ancient traditions of hemp in Japan and its more recent history in colonial America; Indian saris; tropical kapok trees; and more!


Gigi Matthews

Experience Level:


Maximum Class Size:


Materials fee:

$20 covers digital booklet including references and further inspiration, and a wide variety of fibers that would be difficult/expensive to source individually.

Equipment required

Spinning Wheel, Spindle, Fiber Prep Tools

Student Supplies:

  • A spindle or a spinning wheel.
  • Any type of blending tool(s) such as hand carders, blending board, hackles, and diz.
  • Any additional fleece, fibers, or materials they would like to use.