(503) Spräng Twining

History offers us a wealth of ideas for spräng surface design. Intended for participants familiar with the basics of spräng, this workshop will introduce you to colorful spräng surface designs. Inspired by collections of bonnets from ancient Egypt featuring brightly colored decorative designs, learn to create diamonds, zigzags, and lozenges. We begin with a warp in a solid background color, and a single pair of a contrasting color threads. Working the interlinking spräng structure, those colored threads should give you a vertical stripe in the cloth.

A series of step-by-step projects introduces ways to make that line move horizontally across the work, opening up a world of design possibilities including zig zags and lozenges. We use pattern reading and pattern writing as a vehicle to better understand, plan, and share ideas for the structures.

Interested students who want more experience in spräng can get the basics through private tutoring with the instructor ahead of time.


X-Carol James

Experience Level:


Class Length:

Two-hour Class

Class Day/Time:

Friday Morning

Maximum Class Size:


Materials fee:

$40 covers 24 inch tall spräng frame ($35), warp yarn ($5). Order from Carol at carol@sashweaver.com. If you already have a frame and warp, no need to purchase.

Student Supplies:

  • Spräng frame set up with a 20 inch long flat warp, of 10 loops of a pale color worsted weight yarn.
  • Additional 2 yards of a contrasting worsted weight yarn.
  • Set up your spräng frame using the background color. We will add the contrasting color thread together in class.