(514) FULL ~ Tai Chi for Weavers

As weavers, we rely on our bodies the same way we rely on our weaving equipment. We expect them to perform for us and we are frustrated when discomfort, pain, exhaustion or injury prevents us from doing what we love. Like different looms, each of our bodies presents us with unique strengths and challenges. Tai Chi can show you how to get the most from your body, whatever your personal starting point.

We will begin with an explanation of Tai Chi and how I came to connect it to my weaving. Then, I will lead you through a set of Tai Chi fundamental exercises, starting with a warm-up and ending with deep breathing. Each fundamental exercise is targeted at a particular weaving activity, such as beating or using a warping board, that tends to cause pain and fatigue. We’ll also learn self-massage for the arms, shoulders and neck. Join me in this natural, gentle exercise set to recharge and revitalize your weaving time!

The exercises are performed standing, but those who need to sit may, and all of the exercises can be adapted to suit individual bodies.


Amanda Robinette

Experience Level:

Open to All

Class Length:

Two-hour Class

Class Day/Time:

Sunday Morning

Maximum Class Size:


Student Supplies:

Participants should prepare a space to move where instructor can mostly see them on their camera (doesn’t have to be perfect) and redirect movements or answer questions.