(503) Twined Rag Rugs

Twined Rag Rugs
Twined Rag Rugs

Help revive a disappearing folk craft as you learn to make durable, beautiful rag rugs, incorporating twining techniques that can also be applied to other materials. Pattern diversity includes some intricate patterns rarely found in other rag rugs. By making hot-pad samplers in class, you will learn all you need to design and complete full-sized rugs at home. Working on a simple frame, you’ll make a sampler with three pattern variations. The second day, learn taaniko twining and other pattern variations. On the third day, start a circular sampler that can turn into a full-sized rug or become a basket, made entirely with fabric strips.


Bobbie Irwin

Experience Level:

All levels

Materials fee:

$15 covers frame and warp for the first project.

Student Supplies:

An assortment of flexible fabrics (specifications provided in advance).
Tools: Scissors, medium crochet hook, several medium safety pins, needle & thread to match your fabrics.
Twist-ties; Masking tape (optional, can be shared).
Cutting mat and rotary (pizza-style) cutter (optional, but several needed to share)