(101) Weaving 101: Weave a Twills Scarf

2023_Session_Images - Martin_weaving_101 xWhat is the difference between a harness and a shaft? How do you read a draft? Can you put a warp on by yourself? The answer to these questions and others will be some of the topics covered in this exciting workshop even if you have never woven before. You can show off your new language and skills with a beautiful twill sample scarf when you get home.

This class includes getting to know a loom, how to prepare/dress a loom, understanding the terminology and weaving a twill sample scarf on your own loom. There will also be lots of tips and tricks shared. The materials used will be 5/2 cotton from a Lunatic Fringe spectrum of your choice–so many colors.

This workshop allows freedom for each student to explore the potential of a loom, learn the language of weaving, and have fun in the process. It is one I have held many times in my studio with new students. The smiles always make my heart sing as students put on that finished scarf at the end of the final day.

NOTE: For new weavers, Red Stone Glen Fiber Arts Center will rent looms for the conference. Please contact Sara Bixler at redstoneglen@gmail.com.


Patricia Martin

Experience Level:


Maximum Class Size:


Materials fee:

$20 covers comprehensive notebook, small tools, misc. yarn, masking tape, paper for winding on, a couple of warping boards, bobbin winders, shuttles, projector and laptop lecture. Lots of laughter.

Equipment required

4-shaft Loom, Warping Board

Student Supplies:

  • Yarn set from Lunatic Fringe Yarns
  • 4 shaft loom (Rentals available from Red Stone Glen Fiber Arts Center, contact Sara Bixler at redstoneglen@gmail.com.)
  • Warping device which can include a warping board, warping reel or pegs, raddle (directions for DIY given)
  • Reed
  • Lease sticks
  • Shuttle
  • Threading/sled hook
  • Bobbins (2 or more)
  • Tapestry needle
  • Scissors
  • Permanent pen
  • Masking tape
  • Tape measure
  • If easy to bring, a light source such as an OttLite and extension cord.
  • Basket or bin to hold small equipment.
  • Optional: cushion for extra height on chair