(403) Weaving for Felt

2023_Session_Images - Forkner_WeaveFeltFabulous textures can be created by laminating wool fibers to cloth with nuno felting. This class combines two of fiber arts’ best techniques to create new textures that no other method matches.

We will begin by breaking all the weaving rules to create a delicate web of cloth. This is a great time to use a mixed warp of everything but the kitchen sink. We’ll take cloth off the loom, add luxurious merino wool fibers, then wet felt everything together. Forget everything you’ve heard about hours of rolling and don’t worry if you’ve never felted before. Good results are guaranteed.

You’ll go home with a wonderful scarf-sized piece plus the inspiration and knowledge to create something new. Beginner to advanced in either technique will love this combination. My article about this technique can be found in the May/June 2013 issue of Handwoven magazine.

Enjoy these images of Geri’s woven and felted yardage entitled “Window View” which won first place at HGA’s 2022 Convergence Yardage Exhibit.

2023_Session_Images - Forkner_Yardage
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2023_Session_Images - Forkner_Yardage_Detail
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Geri Forkner

Experience Level:

All Levels

Maximum Class Size:


Materials fee:

$30 covers felting tools, extra supplies, plastic cover cloth, all wools for the felting section, and handout.

Equipment required

4-shaft Loom, Rigid Heddle Loom

Student Supplies:

  • Floor loom, table loom, or rigid heddle loom 15” min width (looms will be warped in class with pre-wound warp).
  • Weaving tools: threading hook, bobbins, bobbin winder, shuttles.
  • Weft yarns.
  • Scissors.
  • Three or four stocking legs to be used as ties.
  • Bubble wrap 18-inches x 3 yards, small bubbles.
  • 1/2 length pool noodle.
  • Small open container 6 to 8 cup size.
  • A few small bottles of dish soap are needed for the class (not per person)
  • Felting tools student already owns (e.g., ball brauser, rubbing tool–helpful but no need to purchase).


Specific directions to wind a warp will be sent to registered students before the workshop.