(108) Weaving with Linen

This workshop will bring clarity to weaving linen and understanding the basics of huck lace. Susan will provide participants with a pre-wound unbleached 16/2-line linen warp and weft to be woven as sachet yardage, or a sampler woven in huck lace variations.

  • Day one, a.m. – Videos via PowerPoint on winding a linen warp and beaming a jack loom (including the use of a trapeze), threading and sleying tips, tying on a linen warp, and most importantly, checking for errors. Students will follow through with dressing their own looms.
  • Day one, p.m. – Overview of boat shuttle choices, how to wind a bobbin properly, and a 20-minute video on flax processing.
  • Day two, a.m. – How to use a wooden temple, how to achieve the correct ppi, and a lecture on huck lace.
  • Day two, p.m. – Suggested yarn setts for line linen. Participants will weave their sachets/samplers.
  • Day three, a.m. – Laundering, hemming, and storage of linen and finishing techniques for sachets.


Susan Conover

Experience Level:


Maximum Class Size:


Materials fee:

$42 covers pre-wound Bockens 16/2-line linen warp and weft for a three-yard, 171 warp end, 8.5 inch wide on-the-loom project. Also included is a grosgrain ribbon pre-marked for gauging length of each sachet.

Equipment required

4-shaft Loom

Student Supplies:

• 4-Shaft floor or table loom in good working order with 10- or 12-dent reed and a minimum 10 inch weaving width.
• Wooden temple for 8.5 inch weaving width.
• Bobbins specific to your closed-bottom shuttle.
• Notions including cloth tape measure, scissors, a few straight pins, notebook, and pen and/or pencil.
• A linen tester is optional.