(114) Western Sakiori

Sakiori is a form of Japanese rag-weaving used by peasants from the mid-18th to the mid-20th centuries to make durable, warm cloth for work garments and other utilitarian textiles. In this workshop, students will make a sakiori scarf from their own silk fabric.

After learning about the history and use of traditional sakiori fabric in Japan, we’ll discuss the use of discarded luxury materials readily available to us in North America to make our version of sakiori. The class will cover rag selection and preparation, weaving, finishing techniques, and inspiration for how to use sakiori fabric. Information will be sent prior to class to guide students in their rag selection.


Amanda Robinette

Experience Level:


Maximum Class Size:


Equipment required

4-shaft Loom, Pre-warped, Rigid Heddle Loom

Student Supplies:

  • Pre-warped floor, table or rigid heddle loom. (Instructions will be provided.)
  • Weaving tools to weave on your loom including scissors, waste yarn, shuttles, bobbins, etc.
  • Rags. (Instructions will be provided.)
  • Good to have: rotary cutter and mat or rag cutter, fringe twister


  • Pre-warp a floor, table or rigid heddle loom.
  • Prepare washed rags ready to use (detailed instructions will be provided).