(205) Worsted, Woolen, Woven ~ FULL

2023_Session_Images - 205_collageGain inspiration and skill at matching different fleeces for different types of yarn for weaving and sing about it!

Prepare and spin a lovely long wool for warp and a plump woolen for weft.  Learn some fundamental weaving skills working on a pre-warped loom set up for linsey woolsey. Then warp for yourself and weave on a choice of small looms. Create a truly hand spun textile to share. Students should know how to spin but do not have to have experience weaving.

Melissa will provide a pre-warped and other small looms for student use and practice. Martha will provide appropriate fleece, in natural and vegetable dyed colors. Both will touch on spinning methods, wheel set ups, lessons in consistency, loom set up, fulling, singing loudly. and more!

This workshop is co-taught by Melissa Weaver Dunning and Martha Owen.


_Martha Owen and Melissa Weaver Dunning

Experience Level:


Maximum Class Size:


Materials fee:

$40 covers use of warped loom, wool from the sheep of Martha's flock (some naturally dyed), pencil roving, and handouts.

Equipment required

Spinning Wheel

Student Supplies:

  • A spinning wheel in good working condition, extra bobbins, maintenance tools, and oil bottle.
  • Any spinning or weaving equipment that fits in your car such as:
    • Hand cards, combs and/or drum carder (do not go out and buy, we will share).
    •  Nostepinne or ball winder.
    • Baby oil and small spray bottle.
    • Apron.
    • Card stock for wrapping samples.
    • Notebook for note taking.
    • Tape for securing samples.
    • Tea cup and favorite tea.
    • A song, story, or recitation to share.