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Boostani works with underprivileged gifted artisans from rural Kenya to support their endeavour to keep their various crafts alive. The items are all HANDMADE and they include sisal baskets, olive wood spoons and other artifacts.

As a young girl I did not realize how much talent surrounded me. My grandmothers wove beautiful baskets, artisans all around me worked with their hands to harness nature’s bounty and produce unique yet practical household items. I have had the chance to partner with rural artisans and even learned the art of basket weaving.

This is a journey that we welcome you to join in. As you purchase Boostani’ s items you support not just a family, but you are giving back to a village made of diligent artisans most of whom hail from a very arid part of Eastern Kenya. 

In addition to being handmade the items are focused on sustainability, being biodegradable, environmentally friendly, part of the slow fashion movement.  A basket will take 1 – 3 weeks to weave depending on the size and other chores that the weaver may be engage in.  

Check us out on Instagram @boostanicrafts

Use coupon Basketlove15 which gives 15% off purchases over CAN$60. And free shipping over $50. Coupon expires June 30, 2021.

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Contact: Lois Okello
Location: Surrey, BC Canada
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