Mary M Waite, Weaver & Dyer

I offer hand-dyed, pre-wound warp chains and hand-dyed skeins. I also have scarves, bags and other items that I have woven using my hand-dyed warps available. The yarns that I use are all cellulose fibers, such as cotton, rayon, and lyocell tencel. I also have some hand-made wire scarf pins and hand-made buttons and wire orifice hooks.
I wind my warp chains and then dye them in my own special way. The placement of colors is random and organic in form. Sometimes the color changes will be subtle and other times the changes will be very bold. There will generally not be bands of color that go across the entire warp. Each warp chain will be different, but I have begun offering some in the same color ways in multiple choices of ends, which can be used separately or in combination. The warp chains are either dyed one at a time or, as I’ve recently started, I’m dyeing several chains of the same length but in several different numbers of ends together. The ones that are dyed together will have the same colors, but the placement and flow of the colors will probably be different.
The hand-dyed skeins of yarns are dyed in small batches, either as a few large skeins dyed together or as a very large skein that I dye and then re-skein into multiple smaller skeins.
And for the finishing touch, I have some hand-made buttons and scarf pins. And I also have a few hand-made office hooks I made after losing mine.
I always offer free US standard shipping on purchases over $35.

Until June 27, 2021, I am offering 10% off on orders totaling over $150 with the use of discount code MAFA2021 at checkout.

We will have an interactive virtual booth during the conference. Check our Exhibitors page in the Attendee Hub for days and times.

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Contact: Mary Waite
Location: Leesburg, FL
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