Séguin Looms

You are interested in the ancient art of weaving, which consists of making a fabric using a loom. We manufacture modern equipment, such as looms and a warper motor, to reduce your physical efforts in the practice of your art.

We continue to do product development and we are pleased to introduce the new Séguin II which is still motorized and quieter. So your weaving will be more pleasant for you and your loved ones.

Come to see us in our virtual booth for a free demonstration.

Looms are motorized and computer-assisted. The motorization lifts the harnesses automatically according to the computer Fiberworks file that is loaded. The beater slides easily and remains perpendicular to the fiber, enabling more consistent beat. Looms are available with 15″ or 24″ widths, and 16 or 24 harnesses.

The warper motor helps you set up your loom with a sectional warp beam. It works with different brands of looms such as Seguin, Leclerc, Clement,…

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We will have an interactive virtual booth during the conference. Check our Exhibitors page in the Attendee Hub for days and times.

Seguin - sequin2       Seguin - Seguin3

Seguin - sequin1       Seguin - warp-motor



Goods Sold:
Contact: Denis Séguin & Maryse Giroux
Location: St-Jérôme, QC, Canada
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