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President: Karen Miller
First Vice-President/Communications: Charlene Marietti
Second Vice-President/Conference: Theresa Hill
Treasurer: Marla Campbell
Secretary: Patty Chrisman

Karen Miller, President

Karen learned to weave in Finland in the 90s….where weaving was almost always a social activity. She was very happy when she finally found her first guild when she got back to Virginia — and she’s been an active guild member ever since. She currently belongs to the Foothills Spinners & Weavers Guild, the Fiber Guild of the Blue Ridge, and the Potomac Fiber Arts Guild. She finds the MAFA conferences incredibly inspiring — Don’t we all? — and is happy to lend her efforts to keeping them going. She remains primarily a weaver — while dabbling in basketry and other fiber arts from time to time.

Prior to retirement, Karen worked in the information technology field — as a teacher of both adults and students K-12, as a systems analyst, and as a project and program manager of software development projects for Federal Government clients. This means she has spent a lot of time “herding cats,” which she has found to be a useful skill in the non-profit world as well.

Having served as the Association’s secretary since 2014, Karen hopes to build on recent efforts to improve the processes and documentation of board activities, to bring additional membership benefits to the guilds, and to grow the number of members actively engaged with MAFA both at and outside of the conference.

Karen is a member of Foothills Spinners and Weavers Guild (Va.), Fiber Guild of the Blue Ridge (Va.), Potomac Fiber Arts Guild (Md.).

Charlene Marietti, First Vice-President/Communications

At the beginning, there was a vegetable-dyed Navajo rug. It was the catalyst for Charlene Marietti to start spinning…and weaving…and dyeing. That was in the late 1960’s. Later, while living in London, she was accepted into the City and Guilds of London Institute two-year program and graduated with a Certificate in Creative Studies and Textiles/Distinction and London Metropolitan University College Certificate in Creative Crafts: Textiles/Distinction with focus on weaving and kumihimo.

She focuses primarily on weaving, knitting and braiding techniques and prefers an integrated approach to fiber art disciplines, which translates as ‘doing what works’ for a given project.’ She has attended MAFA conferences since the first one in 1981 and is a member of the South Jersey Guild of Spinners and Handweavers and the New York Guild of Handweavers.

Proud parent of three and grandparent of six awesome people, she is particularly thrilled to share a love of fiber with her daughter, who raises sheep and is an expert spinner and knitter.

With a background in healthcare and technology, she spent the last 20 years of her professional career in the publishing industry where, as editorial director and chief content officer, she developed and aggressively implemented digital publishing and social media strategies for business publications and events. Since leaving full-time employment, she has focused on helping nonprofit organizations communicate their mission and build communities through online platforms.

Charlene is a member of South Jersey Guild of Spinners and Handweavers (N.J.), New York Guild of Handweavers (N.Y.), and Philadelphia Guild of Handweavers (Pa.).

Theresa Hill, Second Vice-President/Conference

Theresa is an 18 year veteran of the United States Army, and has a BSN in Nursing. Theresa grew up knitting, crocheting, and doing all things crafty. Theresa was the owner of Lavender Catering and Teaching. She is the owner of Ewe-Nited States of Fiber and a knitting and dye instructor. She serves on the board and volunteers at Greenbank Mill in Wilmington, DE. and is charge of their textiles/fiber program. Theresa is a BC survivor, married and the mother of three boys. Education and sharing knowledge has always been forefront to all of Theresa’s endeavors. Theresa is currently pursuing her training in the Master Knitting program.

Theresa is a member of the FiberGuild of Delaware, Third Star Fiber guild of N.J., and the Minnesota Knitters guild.

Marla Campbell, Treasurer

Marla fell in love with crafting as a child but did not begin her fiber exploits until 2005, when she discovered spinning. Her first wheel was a sweet folding DT Lendrum and her little stable of wheels has grown to six with her most recent acquisition of her dream wheel – the Lendrum Saxony. She particularly loves spinning Cormo (or any soft and fluffy fiber) and her yarn sees its way to friends, family, weaving, and even some sales. Weaving came along soon after with a rigid heddle, then a triangle loom, and now an 8-harness floor loom.

She enjoys membership in The Foothills Spinners and Weavers Guild, where she was treasurer for six years, the Albemarle Weaver’s Guild, where she is the current treasurer and the Whirling Whorls spinning group. Throughout her guild years, having the opportunity to participate in demonstrations at fiber festivals, arts and craft days, and school events has shown her that sharing what she knows about the world of fiber is incredibly rewarding, especially when children are involved – they are so enthralled with the process and very enthusiastic about giving it a go!

Her work background includes being a buyer and merchandiser for 14 years and a data analyst and geographic information system mapping analyst for another 12 years.

MAFA’s mission of promoting fiber arts education is important to Marla and she chooses to support that mission by volunteering in this capacity.

Marla is a member of Foothills Spinners and Weavers Guild (Va.) and Central Virginia Fiberarts Guild (Va.).

Patty Chrisman, Secretary