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Our biggest lesson from the MAFA 2021 virtual conference was the ability for MAFA members to participate across our entire geographic area, many of whom cannot attend our in-person conferences. So, an important goal for the board was to look for ways to keep ALL our members connected and engaged, as well as to bring new and more diverse members into the MAFA community and our guilds, by offering virtual programs in addition to our in-person conferences.

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What is MAFA Virtual, how does it work, what are the class signup policies? Click here for details.

Upcoming MAFA Virtual Events

Our classes, lectures, and movie nights for the next few months are listed below. Click on the class or lecture title to go to Lessonface for full details and to register.

Date(s)Class TitleInstructor
1/11/2023MOVIE NIGHTDetails HERE.
1/14/2023 - 1/15/2023CLASS - Weave a Doubleweave Jacket
Signups open
Leslie FespermanEvent-images - Fesperman_jacket_02 x
1/17/2023LECTURE - Fiberworks - The Advantage of Using Software to Create Your Weaving Drafts
Signups open
Maryse GirouxEvent-images - giroux_fiberworks2 x
1/21/2023REPEAT CLASS - Inspirational Fiber Blending
Signups open
Dia RobinsonEvent-images - Robinson_InspireBlend
1/24/2023FREE LECTURE - Making Yarn From the Ground Up
Signups open
Anne ChoiEvent-images - Anne Choi
1/28/2023 -
CLASS - Secrets of Shibori and Indigo
FULL - Waitlist
David HeustessEvent-images - Heustess_SecretsofShibori
2/8/2023MOVIE NIGHTDetails HERE.
2/25/2023CLASS - Woven Chenille for a Pile Rug
Signups open
Mary MandarinoEvent-images - Mandarino_rug x
2/25/2023 - 3/4/2023CLASS - Off-Loom Weaving
Signups open
Sarah WardEvent-images - Olive needle2
3/4/2023CLASS - Designing in Huck Lace
Signups open
Jill StaubitzEvent-images - Staubitz_HuckDesign1 rx
3/4/2023 -
REPEAT CLASS - Weaving Landscape in Tapestry
Waitlisted students will have first dibs, enrollment will open ~November 21st
Molly ElkindEvent-images - Elkind_WeavingLandscape
3/8/2023MOVIE NIGHTDetails HERE.
3/9/2023 -
CLASS - Spinning for a project: How to plan and execute a project using your handspun with a commercial pattern
Signups open
Alanna WilcoxEvent-images - Wilcox_Spinning for a project x
3/16/2023 -
CLASS - Weave a Twill Gamp with Color & Weave Effects
Signups open
Karen DondeEvent-images - Donde_Twill colorweave scarf x
3/25/2023 - 3/26/2023CLASS - Jogakbo - The Art of Wishing Happiness
Signups open
Youngmin LeeEvent-images - Lee_Jogakbo the art of wishing happiness
3/28/2023FREE LECTURE - Free Your Mind - Public Textile Social Justice Art Project
Signups open
Theda Sandiford2023-exhibits - Free Your Mind_Theda Sandiford scaled 1
4/22/2023CLASS - Hand Sewn Tunic
Signups open mid-February
Sarah Woodyard
4/25/2023FREE LECTURE - Wild Fibers
Signups open in December
Linda Cortright
4/29/2023CLASS - Paint Two, Beam One
Signups open
Denise KovnatEvent-images - Kovnat_Paint_01 x
5/2/2023 - 5/23/2023CLASS - Learn to use Weaving Design Software (Fiberworks)
Signups open
Jen WeberEvent-images - Weber_Fiberworks_01
7/8-9/2023MAFA "MINI VIRTUAL EVENT- Classes, keynote, informal gatherings, and trivia night!
Details to be posted late-2022
MAFA VirtualMAFA-Virtual - Virtual Sq 04 400
9/26/2023FREE LECTURE - To Be Alive Is A Political Act: My journey as a Black Fiber Artist
Signups open in early-2023
Karen Hampton
11/28/2023FREE LECTURE - Crafting Dissent - craft, activism, and political engagement
Signups open in early-2023
Hinda Mandell