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Join us each month on second Wednesdays at 7:00 p.m. Eastern on Zoom for fiber arts videos and discussion. Links to the videos we view and the slide show will be posted here before each movie night.

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Here are links to our previous videos:

Sheila HicksCampo Albierto (Open Field)
Sheila, Opening the Archives
Sheila HicksHanging by a Thread
Sheila HicksPillar of Inquiry
Sheila HicksSheila Hicks Slide ShowSheila Hicks Slide Show2022/09/14
Archie BrennanIntro - Tell me about Archie
Archie BrennanWeaving Illusions Part 3
Archie BrennanScottish weaver & pop artist
Archie BrennanArchie Brennan Slide ShowArchie Brennan Slide Show2022/10/12
Olga de AmaralHow to apply gold leaf to canvas
Olga de AmaralTo Weave a Rock
Olga de AmaralThe Elements
Olga de AmaralShimmering Textiles on View in London
Olga de AmaralGalería La Cometa (gold leaf)
Olga de AmaralLatin American Masters 2012 curator
Olga de AmaralSun Gold – Christies
Olga de AmaralThe House of My Imagination
Olga de AmaralOlga de Amaral Slide ShowOlga de Amaral Slide Show2022/11/09
Faith RingoldQuiltuduko
Faith RingoldThe process of creating the Tar Beach story quilt
Faith RingoldArt of Fearlessness and Joy - CBS Sunday Morning
Faith RingoldFaith Ringold - at Glenstone Museum
Faith RingoldFaith Ringgold - Who I Am
Faith RingoldFaith Ringold Slide ShowFaith Ringold Slide Show2022/12/14
Mary ZicafooseMary Zicafoose Documen tary
Mary ZicafooseMuseum of Nebraska Art Visits - With Artist Mary Zicafoose (2020)
Mary ZicafooseMary Zicafoose Slide ShowMary Zicafoose Slide Show2023/01/11
Igshaan AdamsPrivate View - 2021
Igshaan AdamsConversation on Adams’s exhibition Desire Lines - 2022
Igshaan AdamsKicking Dust, a curator's introduction - 2021 2:09
Igshaan AdamsKicking Dust exhibition at Hayward Gallery - 2021
Igshaan AdamsHow I work - 2018
Igshaan AdamsIgshaan Adams Slide ShowIgshaan Adams Slide Show2023/02/09
Ann SuttonMy Bones are Woven, September 2022
Rental fee is $6.49 for 30 days.
Ann SuttonAnn Sutton Slide ShowAnn Sutton Slide Show2023/03/08
Claudy JongstraTriodos Bank Nederlands
Claudy JongstraOn art and sustainability
Claudy JongstraProcess Intodroduction
Claudy JongstraDutch Profiles: Claudy Jongstra Dutch Profiles: Claudy JonDutch Profiles: Claudy Jongstragstra Dutch Profiles: Claudy Jongstra5:082023/04/12
Claudy JongstraThe Gift of Color
Claudy JongstraFields of Transformation
Claudy JongstraClaudy-Jongstra-Ergold
Claudy JongstraClaudy Jongstra Slide ShowClaudy Jongstra Slide Show2023/04/12
Textile MagiciansTextile Magicians Video
Textile MagiciansTextile Magicians Slide ShowTestile Magicians Slide Show2023/05/10
Kay SekimachiMasters of Modern Design: Kay Sekimachi | Artbound | Season 10 | Episode 1
Kay SekimachiIn the Studio: Kay Sekimachi | Institute of Contemporary Art/Boston
Kay SekimachiFiber artist Kay Sekimachi, VISIONARIES episode
Kay SekimachiCard Weaving - Kay Sekimachi
Kay SekimachiVirtual Tour - Kay Sekimachi: Geometries
Kay SekimachiKay Sekamachi Slide ShowKay Sekimachi Slide Show2023/06/14
India FlintEucalyptographia
India FlintMeet the Artist (No:31) India Flint
India FlintIndia Flint & Arts + Cultural Travel New Mexico 2017
India FlintIndia Flint talks about her exhibition at The Festival of Quilts
India FlintWearing the Land - India Flint
India FlintBeing There with India Flint
India FlintIndia Flint Slide ShowIndia Flint Slide Show2023/07/12
Lenore TawneyMirror of the Universe (2020)
Lenore TawneyLenore Tawney Slide ShowLenore Tawney Slide Show2023/08/09
MAFA ConferenceCome see MAFA 2023 with me! A Hey BrownBerry Podcast Virtual Visit, Part 1
MAFA ConferenceA Virtual Visit with Hey BrownBerry, MAFA 2023, Part 2
MAFA ConferenceMAFA 2023 Open Studio Zoom Tour June 24, 2023
MAFA ConferenceMAFA 2023 Opening Session June 22, 2023
Sandra BrownleeSandra Brownlee, 2014 Canada Council laureate – a film by Tim Wilson
Sandra BrownleeNova Scotia Talent Trust
Sandra BrownleeTactile Notebooks
Sandra BrownleeSandra Brownlee Slide ShowSandra Brownlee Slide Show2023/10/11
Peter Collingwood & Katy ClementsPeter Collingwood Introduction
Peter Collingwood & Katy ClementsPeter Collingwood Demo
Peter Collingwood & Katy ClementsAppraisal - Freemans
Peter Collingwood & Katy ClementsKay Sekamachi on Peter Collingwood
Peter Collingwood & Katy ClementsPeter Collingwood & Katy Clements Slide ShowCollingwood & Clements Slide Show2023/11/08
Anni AlbersAnni Albers: Experiments
New Britain Museum of American Art, May 28, 2020
Anni AlbersTextile TV - Anni Albers’s Warp Families
New York Textile Month, September 2020
Anni AlbersAnni Albers Research presentation - Hamish Anderson, 2020
Anni AlbersExhibition Review: Anni Albers at Tate Modern
Visiting London guide, 2019
Anni AlbersAnni Albers Slide ShowAnni Albers Slide Show2024/01/10
Ethel SteinMaster Weaver, Ethel Stein
Ethel SteinWeaving Basics: Weaving on a Drawloom
Ethel SteinEthel Stein Slide ShowEthel Stein Slide Show2024/02/14
Nick CaveThick Skin
Nick CaveThe Artist Project: Nick Cave (2015) Kuba Cloths
Nick CaveMeet the artists | Nick Cave
Nick CaveNick Cave Forevermore - Guggenheim Museum (2023)
Nick CaveGo behind-the-scenes of the 'HEARD' performance with Nick Cave (2016)
Nick CaveAugment (2019)
Nick CaveNick Cave Slide ShowNick Cave Slide Show2024/03/13
Janice Lessman-MossTC2 Digital Jacquard Weaving Loom
Janice Lessman-MossJanice Lessman-Moss
Janice Lessman-MossContinuing Threads With Janice Lessman-Moss
Janice Lessman-MossKent State professor and artist Janice Lessman-Moss creates intricate weavings
Janice Lessman-MossJanice Lessman Moss Tribute from Former Students
Janice Lessman-MossTextiles & Tea Episode 91 Janice Lessman-Moss
Janice Lessman-MossJanice Lessman-Moss Slide ShowJanice Lessman-Moss Slide Show2024/04/10
Ed Bing LeeEd Bing Lee - Pew Fellowships 2007 5:002024/05/08
Ed Bing Lee@grossmccleaf creating a signature knotted Chawan bowl 0:24 on repeat loop2024/05/08
Ed Bing LeeHow to Tie the Double Half Hitch| Macrame Tutorial 4:502024/05/08
Ed Bing LeeEd Bing Lee Slide ShowEd Bing Lee Slide Show2024/05/08
Bisa ButlerQuilting for the Culture, Bisa Butler in the Studio 2020
Bisa ButlerCharter Day 2023 Honoree, Howard University
Bisa ButlerBisa Butler: Portraits | Exhibition Stories 2020, Art Institute of Chicago
Bisa ButlerBisa Butler's Portraiture Quilts | Brooklyn Made
Bisa ButlerPrint byPrint Group Interviews Bisa Butler
Bisa ButlerArtist Bisa Butler on her Process and Using Materials with Meaning 2023
Bisa ButlerBisa Butler on Portraits and The Black Experience 2023
Bisa ButlerBisa Butler Slide ShowBisa Butler Slide Show2024/06/12