The MAFA Board handles the day-to-day operations of MAFA, as directed by the Representative Assemblies, which are held two or three times per year.  The board sets the strategic direction of the organization, oversees the planning of the conference and the funding of grants, develops a budget, organizes activities to facilitate communications among the guilds, and develops and implements policies and standing rules to ensure the organization remains healthy and vibrant into the future.

The board consists of five elected officers, three appointed officers, and the non-voting past president. Most board meetings are conducted via teleconference. Much board work is conducted online, so members need to be comfortable with technology, and willing to learn new skills to facilitate communications. The board always attempts to reach consensus on issues, so board members need to be team players, willing to take on new assignments, but must also be willing to compromise when that is in the best interests of the organization.

See more information on the specific duties and responsibilities of individual board members.

See the complete MAFA Operations Manual 1.2, approved February 13, 2023.