Abrams, Jackie – Basketry

I will be teaching a pilot/test-it-out zoom workshop soon. There may be more to follow.

Brattleboro, Vermont

American Tapestry Alliance

A non-profit organization supporting the fine arts medium of contemporary handwoven tapestry.

Aya Fiber Studio

The Aya Fiber Studio is Florida’s premier Fiber Art Destination Studio. We bring in the very best Fiber instructors from across the country, teaching many different genres. Select from natural dyeing, indigo , shibori, surface design, stitching and many others. With miles of beautiful natural beaches set against a pristine horizon, Martin County has plenty of space for you to stretch out and lounge in peace or have an idyllic fiber-cation. Stuart’s coastline is accessible to the public and most beaches are easily free to visit.

Stuart, Florida

Buckley, Elizabeth – Tapestry

I offer Zoom PowerPoint lectures to guilds and tapestry groups, similar to what I have presented for in-person programs. Through screen-sharing, the groups can see the slides, and there will be opportunity to ask questions as well. These last one to 1.5 hours.  “From Idea to Woven Form” is a modified retrospective of my work that includes my design process, going from the initial inspiration to the final tapestry.  I also offer on-line mentoring to individuals and available later this summer (2020) will be on-line classes in tapestry technique and design.  Email me.

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Donde, Karen – Weaving

I am moving in the direction of online teaching, and live presentations or short classes for guilds is a good place to start. I am excited to talk to member guilds about options. Download a list of subjects from my in-person class offerings that seemed best suited to online presentation to a group.

Asheville, North Carolina

Dunnewold, Jane – Creativity, Surface Embellishment, EcoPrinting

I have several classes online that guild members might be interested in (individually, that is) and am also open to doing Zoom seminars for guilds on a variety of design, color or other topics. I recently did a “keynote” via Zoom for the Art Cloth Network and it went really well. I’m also working with my Mastery Program group, and the Creative Strength Training course members, using Zoom as a platform.

San Antonio, Texas

Eckman, Edie – Knitting, Crochet

How to Teach Knitting & Crochet Online
More and more people are turning to fiber arts to relieve stress. Those of us who teach knitting and crochet, and those who want to learn, are having to find ways to adapt when we can’t travel or congregate the way we used to. Join Edie Eckman as she suggests ways to take your teaching online. Using the Zoom platform as an example, you’ll learn how you can use the technology you already have to share your knowledge. Pick up tips for best practices and find out about products and services that will enhance your student’s experience, whether it’s crochet, knitting, or other fiber arts.  Email me.


Egbert, Mary – Spinning, Fiber Prep

I offer online workshops and currently am doing carding workshops from blending color to prepping locks for carding.  I also have a wool grades I’m doing and can even do spinning.  Email me.

Rockledge, Florida

Elkind, Molly – Tapestry

Available as a distance-learning tapestry mentor via email, phone and video chat (such as Zoom). This is not a way for novices to learn beginning tapestry technique, but an avenue for helping brainstorm solutions for design and technical problems. Interested students can contact me via email or through my website.

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Essen, Deb – Weaving

Offering weaving classes and presentations for guilds in-person OR on-line via Zoom (or other preferred on-line meeting program). Visit my website for the list of classes. Yes, I take requests! Email me at info@djehandwovens.com to discuss classes and scheduling.

Victor, Montana

Harrisville Designs, Inc.

Harrisville, New Hampshire

Home Coming Art Studio

The Home Coming Art Studio is a working and teaching art studio with a special focus on fiber arts especially weaving.

Pennsville, New Jersey

James, Carol – Sprang, Fingerweaving

My on-line videos are available at Taproot video. I have three – one on fingerweaving and two on sprang. I am available for one-on-one support to anyone watching those videos, and who has questions.  Email with questions.

Winnepeg, Manitoba

Joan Griffin Tapestry Workshops

Spend a weekend learning the fundamentals of tapestry weaving in a very small group setting in a working tapestry studio surrounded by all things tapestry. All supplies provided.
For more info and upcoming dates, visit the website or email Joan Griffin at joangriffintapestry@gmail.com.

Charlottesville, Virginia

John C. Campbell Folk School

The Folk School provides experiences in non-competitive learning and community life that are joyful and enlivening, and offers year-round weeklong and weekend classes for adults in craft, art, music, dance, cooking, gardening, nature studies, photography and writing.

Brasstown, North Carolina

Kovnat, Denise – Weaving

Presenting lectures and workshops online via Zoom. Visit www.denisekovnat.com and go to “Workshops and Lectures” for more information.
A weaver since 1998, Denise teaches at conferences and guilds across the U.S. and Canada, focusing on parallel threadings, collapse techniques, painted warps and Deflected Double Weave. Her hand-dyed and handwoven garments have been juried into Convergence fashion shows since 2008 and have won awards from the Handweavers Guild of America and the Seattle Weavers Guild. She is most proud of serving on the founding team for the Weaving and Fiber Arts Center.

Rochester, New York

Lancaster, Daryl – Weaving, Sewing

I have about 15 different lectures, all 1-2 hour, that are already on PowerPoint and can be done remotely. Ultimately I’m looking to do a video set up, offer videos, and even live classes.

Lincoln Park, New Jersey

Lehrhaupt, Judi – Spinning

I have been teaching online this semester at Bucks County Community College. We transferred to online classes in March and I am comfortable using Zoom, so I would be delighted to offer a spinning class/workshop on line. Email for more information.

Ottsville, Pennsylvania

Matthews, Gigi – Yoga for Craftspeople

My name is Gigi Matthews and I taught yoga at MAFA 2019. As a spinner, knitter, and weaver, I know that crafting is wonderful but it can take a toll on the body.
I teach a very gentle style of yoga that can be done seated or standing, in regular clothing, and with your glasses on.
It’s particularly suitable for people who have never exercised before, seniors, and those with mobility or weight issues.
My classes help to counteract the effects of prolonged sitting, poor posture, and neck stress.
Online via Zoom.  Private instruction & group presentations.  Download a flyer.
Email me for more information at verygentleyoga@gmail.com.

Brooklyn, New York

McKenna, Kim – Spinning

Currently teaching four on-line workshops using the Zoom platform:
Sumptuous Silk, a spinning workshop on the various forms of Mulberry silk; Take a Walk on the Wild Side, a spinning workshop on Non-Mulberry Silk; Exploration and Discovery Series Part I, Forward Worsted Draft Twist; Exploration and Discovery Series Part II, Backward Worsted Draft Twist.  These two Draft Twist workshops are part of series of four. This is an in-depth study on fibre prep, draft twist, yarn finishing and plying technique and their affect on the finished fabric.  Course descriptions provided upon request.  Email me.

Vancouver, British Columbia

Museum of Arts and Design Online Learning Lab: In the Studio with Suzanne Tick

A textile designer, weaver, and artist working with unconventional materials, Suzanne Tick demonstrates how she used dry-cleaning plastic bags and clothing hangers to create the weaving Matter.

New York, New York

Neilson, Rosalie – Weaving

While Rosalie isn’t teaching online, she has generously shared with our guilds her “Block Time” game for Creating 4-Part Symmetric Patterns. Find info on her website (look for Block Time), or download the PDF.

Milwaukie, Oregon

Romatka, Marilyn – Tablet Weaving

I have various popular multimedia Guild Programs available via Zoom for your members, ranging from Tablet Weaving to the production of Uzbek ikat. Most happy to share my experiences and travel with you!  Email me for details.

I also have 6 different hands-on video classes, that can be used in combination with my instruction via Zoom as virtual Guild Workshops. You can see the previews for these free of charge at www.taprootvideo.com.

Bellevue, Washington

Spady, Robyn – Weaving

I will be offering a collection of classes online via Zoom. I am anticipating they will be 60-90 minutes in length.

Tokeland, Washington

Staubitz, Jill – Weaving

I teach online Zoom classes for weavers interested in designing and understanding weaving structures. They are live, discussion-based classes that are lots of fun and informative. I currently have classes on Overshot, Blended Drafts, and Designing 8 Shaft Huck Lace. My website is modernweaver.com.

Canton, Connecticut

Tarses, Bonnie – Weaving

I am in the process of determining the best way to deliver a guild presentation or workshop, and I am working on an advanced method of doing a color horoscope weaving. Contact me to discuss.

Missoula, Montana

Tong, Angela – Knitting, RH weaving

Recently Vogue started holding virtual events for Vogue Knitting Live. I taught at their first event in May 2020 and will be teaching at the June 2020 event. The instructors teach the classes through Zoom.

Westfield, New Jersey


Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts

Weaving and Fiber Arts Center

The Weaving and Fiber Arts Center has provides over fifty courses year round, days, nights and weekends, for all skill levels, for youth and adults.

East Rochester, New York


Northampton, Massachusetts

Weiss, Wendy – Ikat and Dyeing

One hour lecture and discussion of single warp ikat in India. Video clips, images, and verbal description provide a detailed view of the steps of the warp preparation for ikat in a small town in rural Gujarat, as well as in Odisha and Telangana. This illustrated talk is based on a documentation project in Gujarat, India, funded by a Fulbright-Nehru Senior Scholar Research Grant in 2009 and 2014-15. The talk will be delivered virtually and participants will have time to ask questions and discuss. Also available: virtual workshops in natural dyeing on cotton or wool, computer aided designing in Pro-Weave, and simple warp ikat on a warping board. Programs developed in consultation with guild needs and resources.  Email me.

Lincoln, Nebraska

Zawistoski, Patsy – Spinning, RH weaving

I plan to be ready to present online guild programs by August 2020. I’m working on teaching featuring slides, face to face conversation, showing prepared videos, and managing the sound components.

Silver Spring, Maryland